Why should I hire you instead of a band?

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Our professional DJs will have a library of thousands upon thousands of songs from the oldies to today’s top hits. Our DJ’s do not take breaks and will play anything and everything that you want to hear at your event. Our mobile DJs can even download songs that we don’t have on the fly during an [...]

How much space will the DJ need?

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We’ll need you to provide a 6′ table. Our subs measure about 3′ x 3′, and our main speakers fit on top of the subs. If lights are being used, their tripods’ footprints measure about 3′ x 3′ x 3′. Additionally, we’d need at least one chair and access to two electrical receptacles. [...]

Where should we put the DJ and the dance floor at our event?

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Location, location, location! It is important to make sure the DJ and dance floor are front and center at your event, preferably side by side with each other. You definitely want a clearly defined dance floor that is size appropriate for the guest count. If the space is too small, guests will feel cramped and it [...]

Should we feed the DJs?

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Unlike feeding the animals at the zoo, it’s okay to feed the DJs. As a general rule the DJ(s) will have been working for three hours prior to your event loading and unloading equipment, and setting up. In addition to working through your event, they’ll spend a couple of hours afterward reloading the equipment and “heading [...]

Do you “live mix” the music?

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Mixing is a basic set of skills that separates amateur DJs from the professionals.  Amateur DJs usually just blend music, fading one song in as they fade one song out.  Professional and skilled DJs (like DJ Rock My World team members) mix music, matching beats, tempos, pitches and well as adding their own finesse to [...]

Should we tip the DJs?

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We leave this up to our clients to let us know when we’re planning the event.  As a general rule it is a nice gesture for service-based personnel to be tipped if you have received service that pleases you. We seem to typically be offered between $1 and $5 for song requests, and if our [...]