How much space will the DJ need?

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We’ll need you to provide a 6′ table. Our subs measure about 3′ x 3′, and our main speakers fit on top of the subs. If lights are being used, their tripods’ footprints measure about 3′ x 3′ x 3′. Additionally, we’d need at least one chair and access to two electrical receptacles. [...]

Do you carry backup equipment?

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Yes. As much as we are not concerned with equipment failure due to the exceptional quality of equipment we use, we do travel with safe guards because you only get one chance on someone’s wedding day or other important. Should something go wrong, we do travel with backup media players, a backup mixer, and have [...]

Do you use professional equipment?

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We use professional equipment for all our events.  There’s no skimping on quality here. We use all premium professional grade equipment from the following pro-audio manufacturers:  Pioneer, Serato, Virtual DJ, Audio Technics, Peavey, American DJ, Chauvet DJ,  JBL, Electro-Voice, and Shure. Not to mention, we carry backup equipment on site.

Can you provide wireless mics?

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Yes. We can provide wireless mics for authorized speakers at your event, and we have hard wired mics as back up. For wedding ceremonies, we provide a wireless lapel mic for the officiant, as well as, a wireless hand mic for the bride and groom (like for vows). We have a strict policy for microphones. [...]