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Who Are We?

Our Philosophy

Here are some facts about us. At DJ Rock My World, we create extraordinary weddings and events. We always treat every client with the very best in personal service and we know how to make your event or wedding day as entertaining as possible. We have the skills to turn your dreams into reality, and the personality to entertain your guests in a style and manner that will exceed your expectations.  By choosing DJ Rock My World you are taking the first step towards creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The DJ music entertainment industry is very competitive. Specifically, the DJ market in the Central Indiana area is overcrowded with various caliber companies and talent. Through very careful marketing, we have been able to penetrate, and excel in the industry without traditional ways of marketing. We work on a business model of quality rather than quantity. We bet you’ll see the difference.

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  • Trained and Professional DJs/MCs

  • We Are Dedicated to The Success of YOUR Event

  • Constantly Updating Our Music Library to Give You Major Value

  • Clear, Quality Sound Systems and Amazing Lighting

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Our Team Members

Our DJs and team members have the training and experience. You can count on them to get it right at your event. If you ask other DJs where they received their training they will tell you… on the job. Why is training important? It’s like driving a car without anyone ever teaching you how. With training you learn what to do, what not to do, how not to make stupid mistakes, how to avoid accidents, etc. Sure, you can drive or dj an event without training, but its guaranteed there will be a lots of accidents along the way, and you will still never be prepared for emergencies or special circumstances even after driving or DJing for years. It’s definitely not a safe or the best choice.

With DJ Rock My World, You will never have to worry about intrusive or obnoxious DJs . We believe in tasteful audience interaction and we will never overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter.

Also, feel secure that you are dealing with a professional company. Along with having trained team members and high quality equipment, DJ Rock My World is fully insured for liability and damages while at your venue.

Indiana Disc Jockey Association - DJ Rock My

DJ Rock My World is a member of the Indiana Disc Jockey Association

“Professionalism, client satisfaction, and fun are always our goal.
We’d be honored to count you among our many satisfied clients.”

– DJ Rock My World.

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