Add an Awesome Slideshow to Your Next Event!

Check out an example of a Wedding Event Slideshow below.

Make a Memorable Event Even More Special

DJ Rock My World, LLC is now offering professional Event Slideshows for our events clients.  These slideshows can be projected onto to walls or floors and can be with your selected audio/songs, or no audio.

We highly recommend them for:

  • Parties
  • Grand Openings
  • Awards / Sports Banquets
  • Retirement Events
  • Social/Cocktail Hours
  • Dinner Presentations
  • Special Presentations
  • Online Presentations

PLUS, we will upload your video to a private YouTube page, so you can share it with your friends and loved ones!

How Do I Get A Slideshow?

The process is quick and easy!   We will work with you every step of the way:

  1. Choose up to 20 really memorable high resolution photos that you would like to be in the slide and provide those to our Graphics Team.
  2. Select the slideshow you would like.  We’ll provide you with several samples to choose from.
  3. Let us perform our MAGIC to create the slideshow!
  4. We’ll send you a private link to view the slideshow to review.  We’re happy to make up to two revision sessions per slideshow at no additional cost.
  5. We’ll provide the final version on a private link to review ahead of time.
  6. We will work with you and your venue to determine the best place (wall, floor, screen) to project the slideshow for maximum effect.
  7. Tell us when you would like the slideshow presented and we’ll do the rest.  🙂

What about Social Media Postings?

Remember, we’ll post that final version on a private or unlisted YouTube page.  You can post that link on Facebook, Twitter, text or email to family and friends to share the awesomeness!!

Do You Do “Monograms” Too?

Yep, we sure do.  You can add a static or an “animated” (SO COOL!) monogram that can be projected on the wall and/or dancefloor for a classy effect.  We can offer also monograms with business logos and more, customized for your specific event.

So….How Much Do The Slideshows Cost?

We’re glad you asked! Every slideshow we develop is a customized presentation for your event based on the slideshow theme you select.  The cost can vary due to the number of slides and complexity of the project.  However, we try to keep our prices very reasonable.  Slideshows generally start at $199.

Event Slideshow Quote Request