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The national average cost of a wedding is $33,931, according to The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings Study.

Everyone wants a fun, memorable wedding, but most folks struggle with the costs.  Both of you, the bride and the groom, are financially and emotionally invested in your special day.  You want to make sure every aspect is perfect and you want to celebrate the love you’ve found in a huge way with your beloved family and friends.

According to Value Penguin for weddings in Indiana, the average cost per person is $137, and the total cost of the wedding is $19,129.

Here’s what you should know about wedding costs and how to realistically estimate how much you’ll spend. Here are the average prices from The Knot’s study:

Average Wedding Costs - DJ Rock My World.com

Saving Money and Spending Wisely for Your Wedding

Even if you plan a wedding with all the bells and whistles, you can still lower costs by being flexible about certain factors:

Hiring Some Help. Asking a friend to bartend and making decorations yourself are cheaper than paying for professional services and premium packages.  However, if you ask someone to bartend, check with the venue first.  The location and local laws may require that person to be licensed.

Budget Meals.  Another place to save in the CPP (cost per person) is in the meal category.  Do the guests really need that fancy steak and lobster dinner?  Consider your guests.  What do they like?  What about a breakfast menu or a self-serve taco bar?

Location, Location, Location. Check out various types of locations for the wedding and reception.  If you choose the big city, expect to pay more.  Choosing a barn wedding out in the county may actually save you more.

Limit the Guest List Size. Some venues have minimum and maximum guest requirements and are priced accordingly, and vendors might charge per head for food and drink. Head count affects expenses across the board, says Deborah Moody, executive director of the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. With 10 fewer guests on your list, Moody points out, you’d cut out at least one table: That’s 10 chairs, 10 place settings, 10 favors and one centerpiece right there that you’re not paying for. “By cutting your guest list by 10 or 20 people, you may actually save yourself $1,000,” Moody says.
Season. That sunny summer wedding probably comes with a trade-off: price. Ceremony sites, reception halls and photographers are known to offer lower rates during off-peak months, such as January or February.

Day of the week / Time of Year. Saturday is always the most popular day for weddings.  Since it is a high demand day, you can expect to pay more for it.  You can save money by selecting a Friday or a Sunday at most venues.  These are usually cheaper slots, unless they are next to a holiday.  Time of the year matters too.  The wedding season is typically from April-Mid July, and from Sept-Mid Nov.  If you choose a date in say December, you can save more due to it being the off-season.

DJ or Other Music?  By far, the DJ is the least expensive and most flexible way to provide music for your ceremony or reception.  Not only does the DJ provide music, but behind the scenes, the DJ is actually doing some Day Of Coordinating to ensure everything flows smoothly in your ceremony and reception.  Bands still have their place.  Many brides choose to add a string quartet for the ceremony, which is a nice touch.  You can also opt for a DJ and a Band, if you like.

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