Classy Monograms for Any Event

Do you want something different at your wedding? What about about having a monogram with the bride and groom’s name, or your business’ name on the venue? DJ Rock My World can create custom monograms and project them on a wall, floor, or even ceiling. Many designs are available.  We can even take graphics from your graphic designers.  Monograms are another great way to “Class Up” any event.

Static Monograms

Static Monograms are projected on a floor, wall,  or ceiling and have one consistent image.  They can have one color or even multiple colors.

Floor monogram - DJ Rock My

Animated Monograms

These monograms can offer full motion, sound, and colors.  They are a big hit at events.  Animated Monograms are best suited for projection onto walls (best) and floors.


Cost varies per project with the static single color monograms being the least expensive, starting at $80.  Generally, animated monograms start at around $160.  Discounts are provided to clients who purchase any of our other services along with the monogram.

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