About Us

Our Philosophy

Here are some facts about us. At DJ Rock My World, we create extraordinary weddings and events. We always treat every client with the very best in personal service and we know how to make your event or wedding day as entertaining as possible. We have the skills to turn your dreams into reality, and the personality to entertain your guests in a style and manner that will exceed your expectations. DJ Rock My World has talented DJs that will be able to not only list out several unique and creative ideas, but we can also help you to develop ideas that will fit your event perfectly. By choosing DJ Rock My World you are taking the first step towards creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The DJ music entertainment industry is very competitive. Specifically, the DJ market in the Central Indiana area is overcrowded with various caliber companies and talent. Through very careful marketing, we have been able to penetrate, and excel in the industry without traditional ways of marketing. We work on a business model of quality rather than quantity.  We bet you’ll see the difference.

DJ Rock My World.com

If what you are looking for is the very best entertainment to represent you during your event or wedding day, then DJ Rock My World is the right choice for you. Contact us today and let’s begin designing your extraordinary event!

Our Team Members

Our DJs and team members have the training and experience. You can count on them to get it right at your event. If you ask other DJs where they received their training they will tell you… on the job.  Why is training important? It’s like driving a car without anyone ever teaching you how. With training you learn what to do, what not to do, how not to make stupid mistakes, how to avoid accidents, etc. Sure, you can drive or dj an event without training, but its guaranteed there will be a lots of accidents along the way, and you will still never be prepared for emergencies or special circumstances even after driving or DJing for years. It’s definitely not a safe or the best choice.

With DJ Rock My World, You will never have to worry about intrusive or obnoxious DJs . We believe in tasteful audience interaction and we will never overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter.

Also, feel secure that you are dealing with a professional company.  Along with having trained team members and high quality equipment, DJ Rock My World is fully insured for liability and damages while at your venue.

Our Owner (DJ Rock My World)

“Professionalism, client satisfaction, and fun are always our goal.  We’d be honored to count you among our many satisfied clients.”  – DJ Rock My World.

DJ Rock My World.com

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Our Gear

We only use top-quality, industry audio and lighting equipment from such well-known companies as: American DJ, Numark, Peavey, Shure, Audio Technics, Chauvet DJ, and more.  Don’t know these companies? Don’t worry, we do.  Quality equipment along with the best DJs ensures that you and your guests get the most enjoyment possible.

We always include:

Pre-Event/Wedding Consultation

We will customize your wedding or event the way YOU want it.  We will play your favorite music!  During your free consultation, you can establish your own list or select your music by type, for example, Top 40, Oldies, Motown, Modern Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance or Mainstream just to name a few.  Our “no surprises” attitude guarantees your event will go as you planned.  We also offer our complete online event planning system, which enables you to plan every detail of the music for your event, with no surprises.  This online system is offered to all clients with no additional fee.

All Request Format

We will play YOUR requests, in order or at random.  We will also play any requests from your guests; it is entirely up to you. “If we have it, we will play it”.  We can even provide request lists for your guests.

Music Catalog

Always up to date, our music service subscriptions are the same utilized by professional radio stations. We can obtain any song for you as well as edit for length, content and tempo. Our extensive back catalog also contains the best in Top 40 from the 40’s to the present, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Club, Big Band, Disco, Alternative, Classic Swing, Jazz, Traditional Music, Country, and Specialty Dances.  Feel free to search our songlist.

Continuous Music

We play non-stop start to finish. Your guests enjoy music upon arrival up through the end of the event unless otherwise directed by you.

More Questions???  Just the Facts Ma’am.

Check out our FAQs page; then contact us if we can help.