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Our idea and vision is to focus on brides, grooms, and their families & friends to bring everyone together with the goal of celebrating an amazing day centered around the wedding couple. At DJ Rock My World, our philosophy also centers on quality NOT quantity. Your wedding is unique and should be treated as such. In fact, to assure that each wedding is given the proper attention, we only take on a limited amount of clients a year. At the first consultation, you are interviewing us and we are interviewing you. It is very important that understand your vision for your most important day.


We believe that we exist to enhance the experience of your guests, such that they will remember your event into the future.  We can only do this by working closely with you, providing top quality, professional equipment, and being top DJs and Emcees to bring your event to life.

With most weddings, we have many hours of planning, organizing, and coordinating a wedding before the event begins—usually about twice as many hours as the performance time.  At DJ Rock My World, we want to be prepared for anything. We are also confident in their abilities to keep things on track, and to provide an experience for you, your family, and your guests that is superior to any other.

When people talk about your wedding in years to come, they want the first thing that comes to mind to be just how much fun, and how enjoyable the reception was…yes, they can talk about the venue, or the food, or the decorations, but they want them to REMEMBER the good time that they enjoyed.

Online Music Planning System

Planning is your key to creating a flawless wedding reception or event. Our online planning system allows you access to our music library and helps you plan all the details of your event. In our online system, you can choose your favorite music for your wedding or event, and specify moments and traditional activities that you would like to take place. Our system helps us to better understand what you want to take place during your wedding reception or private event.  Access to our online planning system is included with every booking.

Wedding Packages and Coupons!

For weddings, we offer three packages.  Click to review the options.

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 Need Some Music Suggestions?

DJ Rock My World is always glad to help with the most popular music, or your own personal music as well.  Here are a few suggestions:

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