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Ways We Work Hard as Your Personal Wedding DJs

Ways We Work Hard as Your Personal Wedding DJs


January 25th, 2018

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At DJ Rock My World, nothing is more important than ensuring our customers are pleased with our services, and invite us back for another event.  In a person’s life, their wedding is one of THE major milestones.  To that end, both bride and groom want everything perfect for the event.  We work hard at providing quality entertainment for your special day as professional DJs and EmCees.

Here are a few ways we differentiate ourselves from the crowd of other DJs:

We LISTEN!  Our DJs listen closely to your instructions and make sure we understand your wishes.  We know that this day is HUGE and you’re entrusting us with the flow of the music that can help set the tone.  We take this responsibility seriously and always put your needs first.

We PLAY YOUR REQUESTED MUSIC and read the crowd.  We place a lot of importance on playing the songs you request, avoiding the songs on your “Don’t Play” list, and reading the crowd during the event to ensure everyone is having a great time. Our online music planning system  helps you plan all the music entertainment details of your event. In our online system, you can choose your favorite music for your wedding or event, and specify moments and traditional activities that you would like to take place. Our system helps us to better understand what you want to take place during your wedding reception or private event.

We PLAN AHEAD with the venue.  There’s nothing to leave to chance.  Our DJs will contact your selected venue to verify all of the important details, including but not limited to:  contact person, direct phone number, email, and all the logisitics to ensure we’re on time and ready the set up when the date arrives.

We TEST EVERYTHING in advance.  We have industry standard sound and lighting equipment.  Also, we have on site backup equipment should an issue arise. We use high quality equipment and maintain it very carefully. Once at the venue, we have a meticulous check list to ensure all of the audio and lighting equipment is properly placed and ready to go.  Each venue is different, so we check sound levels, complete mic checks, and set the optimum settings for the venue’s unique acoustics.

We ARE PROFESSIONALS.  Our DJs are trained and prepared well in advance of your special day.  They arrive well groomed, well rested, relaxed and in control.

We WORK WELL WITH OTHERS.  We will work with your wedding planner, videographers, photographers, caterers, venue staff, and others to synchronize our efforts to ensure a seamless flow among everyone during the entire event.

Your wedding is such a special day.  Don’t leave it to your Uncle Bob to run the iPod, or some amateur DJ with questionable skills and inferior gear.  We’ll keep the best tunes playing, your guests out on the dance floor, and add that special touch to an awesome memory.

BUT… don’t take our word for it!  See what our customers say:  Check Out What Our Clients Say About Us

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