Tips for Choosing the Best Music for Your Wedding

Tips for Choosing the Best Music for Your Wedding


July 13th, 2017

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As you plan your wedding, an often overlooked thing is the actual order of when the music is played.  At DJ Rock My, we have an online planning application that walks you through the process, so you don’t miss a beat!

Even with the online app, here are some things to consider.

It is important to be VERY specific about your playlist and be sure to think about the following categories:
– Prelude music
– Music for seating the mothers
– Music for the bridesmaids’ processional
– Music for the bride’s processional
– Recessional music
– Cocktail music pre-entrance
– Entrance song
– First dance song
– Daddy/daughter dance song
– Mother/son dance song
– Cocktail music post-entrance
– Dinner music
– Cake cutting song
– Bouquet/garter toss songs
– Last dance

As the client, you decide whether your DJ going to take requests or not.  If you’d prefer we not take requests, you can ask us to explain that the bride and groom have requested no spontaneous requests.  Depending on those attending your reception (and if alcohol is served), this allows you to maintain control over what music is heard.

Another thing to think about is your “Do Not Play” list. Songs on this list are the ones really don’t want to hear at your wedding. You never know what your friends may request, and you’re better off making sure we know at the outset exactly how you feel about that. Trust us, “We are Family” can be a very awkward music selection in many groups.  Our online planning form has a section where you can highlight these “Do Not Play” songs.  Sometimes, the songs you list for us not to play is just as important as the songs you want to hear.

One final note.  It is VERY important that you get your song selections to us as soon as possible.  While our music library is huge, it doesn’t contain every song ever written.  Plus, a certain song may have been recorded by different artists in different styles.  Letting DJ Rock My World know well advance will ensure that we will have the music you want to hear when it counts.

If you have questions about our music library, be sure to check these out:

If you still can’t find what you need, contact us.  We’re glad to help!



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