Tips for an Awesome Reception

Tips for an Awesome Reception


July 26th, 2017

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While striving for the perfect wedding reception, just remember the best you can do is let the professionals do their job. Your wedding day may be perfect or it may have a few small hiccups, but the best advice I was given is that if there’s something wrong, keep it to yourself. No one else will know but you!

Here are a few things that DJ Rock My World recommends you can do to help make sure your wedding reception is AWESOME! Here are some great tips to keep in mind:

The DJ/MC Knows All

Your DJ or master of ceremonies (from DJ Rock My World) should be the one letting guests know when to stand up, when to sit down and when to get themselves on the dance floor. He helps insure that the sequence of events will keep moving (without you worrying when to let people know their salad course is served). Plus, we’ll be the one announcing speeches and toasts, so you can just sit back, relax and have a sip of the bubbly when speeches are being read.

Let the Food Flow

You might be worried about making sure everyone has a drink in their hands. But, in order to make sure guests stay in the “I’m having so much fun and not at all over-intoxicated” stage, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of food around. This starts with the cocktail hour, at your wedding reception and we recommend letting the first course be served as soon as possible so guests stay full and happy.

Let the Music Do its Thing

The DJs at DJ Rock My World are music entertainment professionals – and we know when to get guests on the dance floor. We are sure to go off of the vibe of the guests. If people are starting to wander off, we’ll play a favorite oldie to get them right back on. Also, please try not to micro-manage the playlist TOO much.  🙂

Sequence Timing is Key

There are usually two sequence of events at a wedding reception. Either the entire meal is served upfront, and then the dancing starts. Or, sometimes courses are served intermittently, allowing for dance sets in between. It’s always your choice. If you choose the intermittent courses, you’ll allow for breathing room in between significant dances, like the bride and groom first dance, father-daughter dance and mother-son dance. Please don’t forget the speeches! Placing breathing room in the sequence of events is important in retaining the attention of your guests.

Plan your wedding timeline with these helpful tips.

The “Just Right” Factor

We’re going to quote a little Goldilocks here, but everything should be “just right.” This means that room temperature shouldn’t be too cold or too hot, the music shouldn’t be too soft or too loud, and the lights shouldn’t be too dark or too bright. Be sure to discuss these topics with your vendors before your wedding day – so you won’t have to be dealing with any issues at the wedding reception.

Check in With Your Venue Before Your Event

If possible, DJ Rock My World recommends meeting with your event planner/manager at your venue the week of the wedding. You’ll be able to talk over final day-of logistics, like special dietary restrictions for certain guests, table placements and timing of events. Another helpful tip? Keep a running list of questions you have for your event/planning manager, so you can get them all answered in one productive meeting. You’ll also want to drop off any miscellaneous items necessary for the event, like programs, place cards, champagne glasses, etc.

Overall, the most important ingredients for an AWESOME wedding reception are lots of love and laughter…don’t forget that in the days leading up to your special day!

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