Silence is NOT Golden for Wedding Ceremonies

Silence is NOT Golden for Wedding Ceremonies


November 10th, 2016

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Your wedding ceremony must have the appropriate music, especially the crucial time period about 20 minutes prior to the ceremony. Music needs to be playing as the guests arrive in order to set the mood for your blessed event.  Your guests should not be greeted with silence.

With DJ Rock My World, we can play anything you want.  We can play anything from classical tunes, string arrangements and more.  One of our favorites is popular music played clasicaly by the Vitamin String Quartet.  another good choice is acoustic music like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, or some smooth jazz like Winton Marsalis. More than anything, the music sets the mood for what the event is going to feel like, however, silence is not an option. Even in the most serene setting, your wedding is a memorable celebration and it should be accompanied by great music!

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