Why Lighting is Very Important for Your Wedding

Why Lighting is Very Important for Your Wedding


August 1st, 2017

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Both great music and pleasing lighting add to the wonderful event known as your wedding.  DJ Rock My World can handle both of these crucial matter for you.  No worries!

Music helps set the tone for the room, be it your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, or the reception.  The DJs at DJ Rock My World are professionals is help to get that “oh so right” tone to either provide a relaxing atmosphere, or get people on the dance floor.

Some brides and grooms forget about lighting.  Lighting blends with the music and room arrangement to provide a full experience for your guests.  This is not limited to the dance floor, but also the lighting around the room (commonly referred to as “uplighting”.

Here’s a great blog article on the importance of lighting.  It’s definitely worth a quick read to avoid issues on your special day.

Contact DJ Rock My World today to book your music and lighting!

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