Brides: Tips to Picking a First Dance Song

Brides: Tips to Picking a First Dance Song


November 4th, 2016

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Couples want everything to be perfect on their wedding day, especially their first dance. At DJ Rock My World, we know that puzzling over which song to select for that special dance can take a lot of time. We’re here to help.

There are many great-sounding songs out there with sweet names and lovely melodies that you might consider choosing for your first dance.  Some of these songs even appear to be true love songs—but they may have you unintentionally sending the wrong message. Sometimes they are about breakups, abuse, and death. Brides, it is important to pick a song that’s meaningful to you, and sometimes that isn’t a typical love song—and that’s totally fine. Picking the wrong song may confuse your guests on wedding day. Remember, your friends and family want to bask in the celebration and love right alongside the dancing bride and groom!

Here are some tips to pick the best song:

  • Pick a love song that’s actually about love or happiness.
  • Pick a song that’s special and important to the two of you. It can be a song that speaks to you more than any other song, a song that came on the radio during your first date, or a song that appears in a movie you saw together.
  • Find a song that has meaningful lyrics and a strong melody to make your special moment on the dancefloor perfect.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the trusted music experts at DJ Rock My

Start planning your wedding entertainment now!

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