Ask DJ Rock My World: What equipment and skills should my DJ have?

Ask DJ Rock My World: What equipment and skills should my DJ have?


January 12th, 2018

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In this session of Ask DJ Rock My World, we address another important aspect of making your event successful; the skill and equipment used by the DJ.

Our DJs have experience with weddings and other events. We know how to keep the party going and we have the talent; just listen to what our clients say. However, talent alone is not enough. Along with having experienced DJs, they need to be using professional equipment to provide the highest quality musical enterainment experience.

DJ Rock My World professional equipment - Numark NVII mixer

With the emergence of online streaming music services, and the increasing capacity of portable devices such as smart phones and digital music players, it seems that almost anyone thinks that they can be a DJ. At a party, anyone can log on to their own online playlist and browse through thousands of their friends’ songs with the click of a button. Still, the difference between having a playlist playing automatically in the background, and a professional DJ personally selecting, mixing, and building up the music at a party or club can be HUGE. Much of the difference lies in the equipment used by the professional or semi-professional DJ. Using professional controllers, advanced music players, mixers, headphones, awesome lighting and other cool equipment, the DJ can create an atmosphere that is just right for your event and make it fun and memorable for all who attend.

At DJ Rock My World, we use reliable, top quality, trusted equipment from companies like Serato, Chauvet DJ, Shure, Audio-Technica, Peavey, and more.

Why do we spend the extra money on this gear? It is because we know you want quality when you hire us for your important events or wedding. We leave nothing to chance. Not only do we have quality equipment, but we also have backup equipment onsite at every gig. This ensures the show will go on and your guests will have an awesome experience.

Want to know more about the equipment we use?  Check us out.

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